Matthew Tan

Portrait, Products, Wedding

Matthew’s forte lies in his knack for posing his subjects, lighting, and creating fine art in a fun and creative way for his clients. Featured on local Singapore TV in 2008 and 2009, he has won more than 50 national and international awards in both the weddings and portraits categories and was awarded the title of MPA Overseas Wedding Photographer of the Year (Contemporary and Classical Category) five times.

Most recently the president of WPAS before this became WPP Network, Matthew is often a judge in competitions and grades photography qualifications. He holds the highest title of fellow in the UK’s MPA (Master Photographers Association) and has the title of Hon.FWPPM. (Wedding and Portrait Photographers Malaysia).

Matthew, who has been participating in photography courses and workshops in the US since the 90s, shares his knowledge of the industry in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. He is a member of a few photography associations in the US, UK, and the local photography club in Singapore. His first certification as a photographer was in the US.


Derrick Lee

Portrait, Corporate

Derrick is one of Singapore's leading portrait photographers.

Widely known in the industry for his intimate and evocative portrait shots, his style is to capture moments that are heartfelt, warm, and engaging.

Derrick believes that a great portrait can create meaningful memories for years to come.

His clients include Singapore's top business leaders, corporate executives, politicians and celebrities, for example President hopeful 2011 Mr Tan Kin Lian, Frasers Hospitality CEO Mr Choe Peng Sum and ManuLife President and CEO Naveed Irshad.


Chai Kok Leong

Portrait, Wedding

A wedding and portrait photographer who runs Demomentz Studio, is a Professional Member of (Wedding Portrait Photograpgers of Asia (WPPAsia) and also a qualified member of The Master Photographers Association (MPA) of United Kingdom since 2010.

Kok Leong was appointed as The Ambassador by WPPAsia since 2011.

Kok Leong has won himself awards from MPA Far East Print Competition in 2010, WPPAsia Print Competition 2010, 2011 and 2012. He also the winner of WPPM Best Print of The Year 2012.

In 2013, Kok Leong was certified as a Craftsmanship of WPPAsia. In2014, he was awarded as one of the The Top 10 Photographers of WPPAsia, and he is now active in giving photography seminars and workshops organize by photography societies. As he always believes that educating and sharing of expertise will improve the skills of photographers.